Hurricane/Windstorm damage are some of the most destructive natural disasters that regularly occur in Florida. When a hurricane hits, property owners depend on their insurance policies to repair their homes and business. Although we want to believe your insurance company is on your side, the truth is they are capable of undervaluing, delaying or even denying your claim. This is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable advocate by your side who can help you navigate the overly complex world of insurance, exclusions — and one who will work with you for free.
An insured must report the claim within three years of the date the storm makes landfall or causes damage to property. Therefore, an insured must get it right, the first time. Often, presenting a claim to a carrier requires line item estimates and engineering reports to ensure that all of the benefits under your insurance policy are being honored and to help recognize certain damages that may not manifest themselves until years later. This impacts every policyholder and demonstrates the need for the retention of an insurance attorney that will fully inspect the property damage and properly present the cause of loss. Many “supplemental” or “reopened” claims as they are referred to, are often the result of a failure of an insured to properly present the claim and/or the carriers failing to fully investigate the reported claim. Either way,

If you suspect you suffered Hurricane/Windstorm damage, or your Hurricane/Windstorm claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid by your insurance company, The Lawgical Firm, P.A. is prepared to review your policy, inspect your property, estimate the damages and advocate for what you deserve.

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