Starting with Florida’s well-publicized sinkhole incidents in 1981, the controversy has left many home owners seeking answers and remedies to their sinkhole problems. Sinkholes are some of the most catastrophic events that happen on your property. They can be largely unpredictable and come in different forms. It is critical to check your policy and ensure that your property is protected with adequate sinkhole coverage, particularly in Central Florida. Even with additional sinkhole coverage in place, many businesses and homeowners are denied coverage. Even when an insurance company agrees to provide coverage for damage from sinkhole activity, it may still attempt to pay as little money as possible. This can mean an offer that is substantially less than the damage to your property and less than the amount needed to make the proper repairs. The serious problem with this procedure is that neither the insurance company nor any repair contractor can adequately calculate the amount necessary to make sufficient repairs. If the process takes longer or is more expensive than initially forecasted, the homeowner may need to come out of their own pocket in order to complete the proposed repair. Our firm is familiar with the highly technical aspects of these losses, its associated subsidence investigations and we have the resources to use skilled and independent geologists, engineers, and contractors to help investigate and assess the damage on your property.

If you suspect you may have a sinkhole loss, or your Sinkholes claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid by your insurance company, The Lawgical Firm, P.A. is prepared to review your policy, inspect your property, estimate the damages and advocate for what you deserve against your Sinkholes claim.

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